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Shula’s 347 Grill in Lake Mary

Best Steak House in Orlando?

Q: I’m visiting Orlando soon and would like to know where I can find the best steak house, maybe not as well known? This is question from Dean Lone from

A: I have a great suggestion for you, I got the best steak at this restaurant during a recent birthday dinner celebration!

The restaurant is Shula’s 347 Grill in Lake Mary just on the outskirts of Orlando just off of I-4. It may not actually be considered a “steak house” per se but boy oh boy do they have excellent steaks! My friends and I enjoyed a wonderful meal there, had probably one of the best steaks of any place in my recent memory. Tender like butter, and the accompaniments were fabulous as well. Further, the waitstaff was absolutely great, and super comfy booths too. What more can you ask?

So you may ask, what was the price? If I recall correctly, the steaks were the most expensive items on the menu at around $30 or so, and the rest of the menu was less. No dress code either, come wearing whatever you please! It is located in the Westin and according to the staff, people sometimes come down from their rooms in their pajamas (so they say), so no worries about having to get dressed up and be all uncomfortable for dinner.

Give this place a try, you won’t be disappointed. Fabulous.

Best Hotels In Zimbabwe

You have seen it all, from the tallest building in the Middle East to the exciting Safari experience in the African countries however now it is time to explore a whole new world by heading to the exotic and the exciting Zimbabwe. If you are planning a visit to Zimbabwe, there is one thing you should be certain of, this is a great place to vacation not only because of the countless number of mesmerizing attractions but also because of the cheap deals that would keep you within your budget. Whether you are visiting with your friends, family or just heading to Zimbabwe on a romantic getaway with you and your loved one, this is a great place to start making unforgettable memories. If you have decided on visiting Zimbabwe however are uncertain about where to stay then we have got the best hotels picked out for you. Keep on reading and find out which hotel fits your needs perfectly.

Best Hotels In Zimbabwe

Best Hotels In Zimbabwe

Meikles Hotel- Harare, Zimbabwe

If you are planning on spending a luxurious holiday at Zimbabwe and if you want to be pampered like a king then Meikles Hotel is the place to be. Located in the center of the business district and all shopping centers, this is the ideal place to stay at. This hotel provides you with the ultimate luxury that you desperately need. From deeply relaxing visits to the spas to the several other fun and exciting recreational activities that would keep you entertained throughout, the Meikles Hotel caters to your every need- realized and unrealized. So treat yourself to the best time of your life here at the Meikles Hotel in Harare.

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge- Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Who hasn’t heard of this heavenly resort that boasts magnificent views of breathtakingly beautiful sunsets over the National Game Park. The mere sight of this is simply worth all your time and effort in getting here. the hotel provides you with world class services that leaves you pampered. In addition to this, the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge provides you with a friendly and hospitable environment and coupled with the luxurious amenities and facilities, this hotel seems to be the ideal location to stay at. The reasonable prices are just the cherry on top and the icing on your cupcake.

Victoria Falls Hotel- Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

If you have a budget to stick to but still yearn to spend your holiday in Zimbabwe then do not worry about a thing. Accommodation comes cheap and with luxury here at Zimbabwe. the Victoria Falls Hotel offers such low prices and world class pampering that you would never want to leave. So pack your bags and grab that camera to capture and cherish every moment of your unforgettable holiday at the Zimbabwe resorts. check in at the Victoria Falls Hotel and be enveloped by lush greenery throughout. In addition to this, the décor of the hotel is simply exquisite as it was built in the year 1904 however since then it has been redecorated and rebuilt to perfection. The food, amenities and services of this hotel is second to none. Head over to the famous terrace that has one of the most beautiful views

Jeff Alexander is the vacation planner and article/content writer for worldwide holiday destinations. He is working with Travel House UK (rated 4.3/5 onreviewcenter), the cheap flights and hotel booking operator in UK.

What to do around Victoria Falls in one day

Many activities in a day tour offer a wide range of visits and activities in Victoria Falls and the surrounding areas. Here are the list of things to do in Victoria Falls area

River Safari, Sunset Cruise, Canoe safari

Sunset Cruises on the mighty Zambezi takes you to the playgrounds of the hippo, elephants and crocodiles. Choose between the tranquil early morning sunrise cruises or indulge in some Zimbabwean cruises for a lunch cruise. Duration: 2 Hours

Victoria Falls

Mama Africa is a traditional township style place of eating offering freshly prepared African and European dishes, compliments by local wines, and live musical entertainment. Just sit back and enjoy. The restaurants’ Band will entertain you with a mix of international and local musical bits. Private sitting can be arranged.

No African holiday is complete without a Bush Dinner served up amongst Mopani and Leadwood Trees. Dinners are entering entertained by Ndebele tribesman dressed in traditional costume. Food is served from a freshly prepared buffet of game meat or vegetarian food. Lively waiters serve drinks including hot- spiced wine, and Amarula cocktails.

Explore a traditional African village and experience firsthand the culture and traditions of local people. There is the opportunity to visit a witch Doctor who will prescribe potions whose traditional contents have been used generations. Rural African villagers love visitors. Their hospitality and pride in showing visitors their traditional way of life is hard to match elsewhere in the world. Duration: Half Day

Vic Falls

White water Rafting is just a day in the mighty Zambezi rapids. Your Guide will explore the gorge with you and take time to enjoy and absorb the magnificent surroundings’. Tea/ coffee is served before you are transferred to the river and a buffet lunch will be served during lunch break. Full or half day options available,

On a One Day Trip travellers will be picked up from their hotel/lodge between 0700hrs and 0725hr s and transferred by road to the ferry at the Kazungula border post, clear Immigration and Customs (Visas ) then transfer to Mowana Lodge (bathroom facilities). From here, travellers will depart on a three hour game drive into the Chobe National Park. (Soft drinks and park entry fees included). Travellers are then returned to Mowana Lodge for a buffet lunch (lunch is included but drinks are for the guests own account, payable direct) after lunch, travellers will depart on a 3 hour boat cruises into the Chobe National Park. On returning to Mowana travellers are then transferred back to Victoria Falls arriving at approximately 1800hrs.

Upon arrival at the lion encounter biscuits/scones, tea, coffee and cordials are served – after which the guide will give a short introductory talk including safety aspects of the adventure. The traveller are led to an isolated area in the bush where they are introduced to the lion cubs and their handlers. On meeting the lion cubs, the Encounter begins. Want a guide here, ask him ! Each lion is under the charge of a handler – the guide carries a first aid kit and handheld radio. During Interaction, the guide will give an informative talk on the lions and relationship with man.Elephant Encounters take place out of town. Upon arrival, soft drinks and cordials are served – after which the guide will give a short introductory talk including all safety aspects. Travellers are then introduced to our Elephants and their Handlers. The trail leads through the pristine bush and valley of a private estate, which is home to numerous species of wildlife, including, elephants, kudu, Buffalo, Impala, Leopard, and sometimes even Lions. Each Elephant is under the charge of a handler – the trips are lead by a professional and armed Guide, who carries a first aid kit and handheld radio.

Vacation Rentals in Florida

Vacation Rentals in Florida

Vacation Rentals in Florida

Vacation Rentals in Florida

At times when stress and anxiety are conquering our life and reaching all limits, vacations are inevitable. Whether single, in a relationship or married, everybody needs that special time of the year in which vacations are made. That is why vacations have become normal events in western society and are gaining ground as time passes. When planning a vacation, one needs to make sure all steps of the process are figured out thoroughly. One of the most important parts of the process is finding accommodation. With Florida being one of the most traveled states in the US and vacation rentals becoming more and more popular, it is bound that the two would often be combined.


Traveling to Florida can be an extraordinary experience, but if not planned right, can become horrible. Thus, it is important to go through all of the crucial aspects of the vacation. When traveling, accommodation always plays a key role in scoring the trip. That is why vacation accommodation is such a big industry, rolling in millions each year. With many accommodations available, such as hotels, vacation rentals and others, choosing the place to stay during the vacation can become quite a difficult task. With vacation rentals becoming more and more popular, it is of extreme importance that one follows a few rules when get choosing vacation rentals in Florida.

Finding The Best Agent

Real estate agents can make or break a deal. Although they have less experience with vacation rentals, agents have great impact on finding the best vacation rental for the client. With thousands of agents available in Florida, finding a good agent may not come easy. That is why before choosing a random agent, one should ask friends or family members if they know of one. Furthermore, when hiring an agent, one should ask all the questions necessary on the agent’s experience and method of work. Many agents are beginners, who don’t know the market and would probably waste most of the client’s time. Finding an agent who has many years of experience in the field can make the process way easier.

Be Extra Tough

Whether when talking with the agent or the rental owner, speaking nice will never get the client a good deal. When it comes to real estate, being tough is key. One must show that he stands his ground and knows exactly what he wants with no compromises. Even though it may not come naturally, showing a tough stance can really get a person a much better deal.

Location Matters for Vacation Rentals in Florida

Many vacation rentals in Florida have views that cannot be seen anywhere else. As one is on vacation, he might as well experience the best. Whether going to Miami, Orlando or any other city in the Sunshine State, many incredible vacation rentals are available. Finding the vacation rental with the desired view may take a little more time than initially expected, but it is worth it at the end.

At the end of the day, vacation rentals in Florida will always be a popular industry field. With amazing views, extraordinary beaches and beautiful people, Florida is the ultimate vacation destination. So, what are you waiting for? Book your vacation rental today!

La Befana day and the Epiphany in Italy

The Befana Song

The Befana comes by night

With her shoes all tattered and torn

She comes dressed in the Roman way

Long live the Befana!

Do you remember when “talking” about Levico Christmas market, I mentioned La Befana Day. I liked the name very much – it sounds intriguing and it kept rolling in my head so I asked Aka to look for it and found out more.

Well, it turns out that La Befana is actually a nice old witch that plays the same role as St. Lucia or St. Nicholas, meaning that on the night of 5 December she comes flying on her broom (no donkey this time) and puts sweets and toys in the stockings of good children and lumps of coal in those of bad children.Even the very well known Italian singer Gianni Morandi dedicated a song to La Befana.

We must buy a witch toy from there and scare my cat friends with it!

Tips To Remember For Buying Prevost Buses

Prevost Buses are the best option available to the bus buyers looking for a unique blend of luxury services and economical rates. If you are tour services providers and are looking for means to satisfy the needs of your customers in terms of comfortable and plush interiors then these Buses is the most natural choice for you. There are a lot many companies which make available Prevost Buses for sale. You should compare the various offers provided by these companies beforehand. You also have an option of selecting between a used one and a completely new bus.

These buses possess excellent product development capabilities and a cutting edge manufacturing technology. You will be able to enjoy the lavish amenities of premium seated coaches and high end motor homes. You as a bus buyer will be served with facilities that ensure customer satisfaction through ongoing innovation, quality products, unmatched after sales service and an unrelenting focus on customer needs. In short, these buses offer all the luxury that you would like to provide to your customers in your tour


Useful Tips for making the purchase:

Prevost buses have been known to provide high end facilities to its customers. No matter, if you are talking about drive train, construction of the bus, artistic exterior features or astonishing interior furnishing, these buses lead in every possible field. While buying them, following tips might be successful in guiding you:

  • Carefully weigh your needs and application for which you need the buses.
  • Compare different bus models made available by the company in terms of amenities and cost.
  • Make detailed check of the sales background of the company with which you are going to deal.
  • Look for after sale policies of the company.

Available model of bus:

Prevost offers a wide variety of bus models, thereby providing you the option of selecting from a huge array of buses according to your desires. Additionally, you can also place an order for a custom made bus that will be designed specifically according to your needs. The different models that are available in the market are:

  • H5-60 articulated 79 passenger motor coach
  • 50-PI-33 passenger coach.
  • XLII (now known as the X3-45) sightseeing/passenger coach

There are a numerous companies that provide Prevost Buses for Sale, providing some convenient bus sale facilities. You should take good care in buying these buses as a detailed knowledge will only help you in making a perfect choice.

Enjoy the Weekends in Lake Conroe Cabins


If you enjoy fishing trip with the family then it is better to go Lake Conroe. It is possible to make arrangements in the Lake Conroe cabins in order to have a wonderful weekend. It is ultimate place for the kids as well as the entire family. It is a wonderful place to have variety of fishes in nearby lake. It also has a large play ground for the kids. The kids can also enjoy various water sports and boat ride in the lake. It also has a large swimming pool nearby in order to provide an overall pleasure to the family.

Lake Conroe is a place that is ideal for renting cabins and cottages in the weekends. It is well connected place with quick transportation facility. It is just 20 miles away from Woodlands and 48 miles away from Houston. These facilities have made it a perfect place for spending weekends with family and friends. It is possible to enjoy the beauty of the nature from this place as well.

Young families are attracted to this place due to the playground within sight. The kids can easily play in these grounds. With the playground and modern amenities near by the families can book Lake Conroe cabins for a long time during summer vacation.

In these trips, the kid tries to learn fishing skills from their father. Lake Conroe has a great reserve of various kinds of fish species like Largemouth Bass, Bluegill Channel Catfish White & Hybrid Striped Bass. It is very important to have a large reserve in order to enjoy fishing. Boat slip rental and marina in the area may supply the family necessary equipments for fishing. It is possible to catch striped bass at any time of the year. Fishing enthusiast can also find Largemouth bass in the shallow waters.  Various tournaments are also arranged to attract the fishing enthusiast in the lake. It is generally organized in the summer season as the atmosphere is favorable at the time.

It is better to live in the cottages and cabins instead of camps as it make the loading and unloading of the luggage easy. With an easy access to the marine area the families can enjoy more.

It has become popular with the local people due to its easy accessibility. They even holds long term guest. There are also people who try to relax with the family after day’s work. The soothing ambience of the place enables to bring peace and tranquility.


This small country in the north of Africa has become a favourite tourist destination due to its clear seawater, sandy beaches, exotic architecture and rich history. Tunisia has the most interesting geographical position from the Mediterranean in the north of the country to the Sahara desert in the south. Since it is not big it is easy to travel across the country and experience all that Tunisia has to offer. People who love sunny beaches, swimming and diving, staying in exotic villas or mansions or adventures such as travelling on camels, will find this country perfect for a holiday.

Whether you are looking for cheap or expensive accommodation, apartments or privately owned mansions, there are many choices available for tourists in Tunisia from simple to extravagant, for individual guests and families. There are large resort-style hotels usually built in quarters called a `Zone Touristique`, situated on the coast and classified by the star system. Those less expensive ones are in the city centre and usually built in a more unique style. If you are coming to Tunisia for the first time you need some information about what accommodation styles you can choose from for your wonderful Tunisia holidays.

Hotel Dar Said

For those who love small hotels this is a perfect choice. This 24 room hotel used to be a family mansion and reopened in 2001. The hotel has stunning views of the sea, is in the centre of Sidi Bou Said, one of the most beautiful villages in Tunisia. The rooms are simply but comfortably furnished offering a sea view through cypress trees. There is a small swimming pool but no restaurant. There are many nice places in the village to eat.

Domaine El Manar

This is a beautiful privatelly owned mansion 1km from the sea, built for tourists who love nature and animals and for those who would love to spend their holidays swimming, riding Tunisian horses, sunbathing, visiting a private oriental hammam and simply relaxing in the garden or by the pool. The mansion offers 7  large rooms for guests together with all the necessary facilities for the most comfortable stay.

Royal Kenz Hotel

A beautiful four star hotel in Port El Kantaoui with a relaxing atmosphere, clean rooms, a spa, gym and good food. The beach is only a minute away. Once you spend your holiday in this splendid hotel, you will want to come back.


Situated 2 hours from Tunis, Mahdia is a fishing town with authentic Tunisian charm and sandy beaches perfect for families.

All the resorts are different with various facilities and which one to choose depends on your idea of an ideal holiday. Some come with golf courses or water parks, night clubs and indoor pools. What they all have in common is the Tunisian charm and charisma that make your holiday one to remember.

10 Things To Do In Bentota, Sri Lanka

Bentota (city in Sri Lanka) is filled with very many activities that you can indulge in. Ranging from water sports activities to a vibrant nightlife, these activities can turn your vacation into a perfect picture of memories. Below are the top ten things to do in Bentota.

Visit Kanneliya
• Kenneliya covers about 10,140 hectares.
• In 2004, UNESCO delegated it as a biosphere reserve.
• Apart from the Sinharaja forest, Kanneliya is recognised as the only existing rain-forest in Sri Lanka.
• In terms of flora, it is among the richest areas in the entire south Asia.

Maduganga River Safari
• On this safari, you are presented with an opportunity to cruise through a host of small islands and the mangroves.
• The Maduganga River is surrounded by glorious natural beauty.
• Some of the activities that you can do along this river include lagoon fishing and boat rides.
• Considered to be among the only few enduring territories of untouched mangrove forests in Sri Lanka, Maduganga wetland is the place that every nature lover should visit.

Explore Sinharaja Forest Reserve
• This forest reserve covers a number of provinces & districts in Sri Lanka.
• Sinharaja is also a biodiversity hotspot and national park.
• The reserve has an area of approximately 22 by 7 km.
• Some of the species found in Sinharaja forest reserve include mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, birds and trees.

Take a Trip in the Brief Garden
• The Brief Garden was developed by Sri Lanka’s well-known artist, Bevis Bawa, for more than 15 years.
• The garden is distinguished for its blossoming vegetation, and it sits on 5-acres of land.
• Brief Garden is filled with a variety of plants, trees and sculptures which represent the energies that were out in it (the garden) by Bevis Bawa.
• To this very day, the Brief continues to be maintained in the same way just as Bevis Bawa envisioned it to be.

Enjoy a scenic tour on the Cycle Track
• This cycle tour goes across scenic paddy fields.
• On this tour, you will also have the opportunity to see the 125-years old Katukoliha temple, Dutch architectural houses, Dedduwa Lake and the Mullegoda temple.
• If you’re a nature lover, this is another trip that you should never miss.

Visit Dutch Fort
• Now recognised as a world heritage site, this prehistoric Dutch fort is found in Galle.
• The fort includes interesting sites such as the original gateway, the light house, traditional Dutch buildings and others.

Take a Trip to the Lunuganga Estate
• This was the country home of Sri Lanka’s famous architect, Geofrey Bawa (brother to Bevis Bawa).
• The estate’s rare flora makes it the real treat for all lovers of nature.
• You can visit the garden any day of the week between 9a.m and 5p.m. The entrance fee is paid at the gate.

Dolphin and Whale Watching
• This is a thrilling activity which is worth the early morning cruise from Mirissa harbour to the deep sea.
• This activity presents you with the opportunity to spend over one hour watching the world’s largest mammals.

Visit Kande Viharaya Temple
• Located in Aluthgama (near Bentota), this temple has the world’s tallest sitting Buddha statue. The statue has a height of about 48m.
• The temple was initiated in 1734.
• Thousands of followers, who are seeking for spiritual and mental relief from all worries and troubles of life, gather at the holy grounds of this temple every day.
• Kande Viharaya brings an imaginable serenity and tranquillity in the visitors’ hearts.

Visit the Beruwela Fishing Harbour
• This commercial fishing harbor is just a 10 to 15 minutes’ drive from Bentota by tuk tuk.
• The best visiting time is around 7a.m in the morning. At this time, the night fishing boats are still loaded with fresh fish.

If you want to experience the very best of Island living, obtain a Sri Lanka Visa and head straight to Bentota. In its 10-15 km radius, Bentota is filled with a wide variety of fascinating attractions and activities.

Throw a Wild Last Night in Sydney Australia

There is no doubt about the fact that there is a common belief of there being no fun once a marriage begins. Although that is far from the truth, there are some aspects of one’s fun that will come to an end. The single life will be no more. That means no more going out with certain friends for late night drinking or going out to the club and bars to meet up with random people. With marriage comes a lot of responsibility, some of which the man may not be totally prepared for. However, they are making a promise to hold up their side of the deal for the one they love.

The single life fun may very well come to an end once an individual decides to get married, but that doesn’t mean they are not entailed to one last night of fun during their last days of being considered legally single. A bucks party in Sydney is the best way to celebrate one’s last few nights of being an unmarried man. What do these celebrations entail? It usually involves calling over some of your best pals over to have some drinks and going out for some crazy adventures, one may say.

What good is a bucks party without some strippers? After all, it’s one of the last nights the man will be unmarried. This means that he will stay devoted and faithful to the one special woman in their life. However, this does not mean that he is obligated to stay indoors and feed the dog on one his last nights of being a free man. He should have the opportunity of going out with his buddy to enjoy himself with some of his closest friends. After all, they will probably never get to hang out with the soon-to-be married man in the same way ever again.

A good bucks party in Sydney will include lots of good food, a wide assortment of alcoholic beverages, and some mighty fine good looking strippers. What makes the stripper party extravagant and a joy to attend? Of course it is their abilities of taking the stage with some of their favorite music. Also, one cannot hold a grudge on the man for receiving a few lap dances here and there. After all, his marriage vows entail him to being faithful to his one and only wife for the rest of his life. There is often a need to get certain things like enjoying the presence of another attractive woman out of the way. It is better to indulge in such treats now than later, as there can be serious repercussions.

It is recommended for the attendants of the bucks party to come prepared to get a bit wild, a service like XXX Bucks Parties can make sure the whole event runs smoothly. Bucks parties aren’t meant to be held in a tame environment. Therefore, casual and comfortable wear is highly recommended, as things can get a bit crazy. It is safe to assume that once the bucks party is over and done with, the attendants will need to call a designated driver to safely make it back home.

Take a Holiday to Italy, Sicily

Take a Holiday to Italy, Sicily


Taking holidays especially in countries that have Islands can ultimately leave you with a memorable time to treasure for ages. Many of the attractions that nature has ever offered are found hidden in these very regions. Have you ever thought of extending your holidays to one famous and large Island in the central Mediterranean Sea called Sicily? Well, this is one paradise you ought to consider next time you are planning for that life time holiday expedition. The following are some of the attractions you will vividly find in Sicily Island for your perfect holiday.


Being a popular tourist destination, Taormina is set high on Sicily’s Monte Tauro. Historically, it has intrigued the minds of many great travellers and writers for ages. Beautifully, Taormina has been considered breathtaking from the many sceneries of the coast to orange trees and semi-tropical palms. Arriving in Taormina leaves every visitor enchanted with a great magical feeling embraced from the sense of the atmosphere experienced. It is here where you will have a holiday like no other as you view the European most active volcano covered with snow. Fruits in Taormina are just leisure in your bloodstream.


Palermo being the capital City of Sicily is a cosmopolitan city of inventive and cultural life, all together drastically influenced by the Spanish and Arab culture. From the contrasts of the City, Palermo, remains to be very inviting. Food here is quite delicious and anyone touring would not want to miss the taste of the culture in Palermo’s cooking. Markets are well structured and fantastic thus one would love it while shopping for those amenities favorable for the diet. The splendor in the structures of the City always rejuvenates.


With a reputable taste in seafood and a history to its fishing activities, Giardini Naxos has a fishing port like no other with its seafront lined with restaurants, pizzeries and bars. Though for a small charge, a private beach with a snack bar and sunbeds will make your evening as you relax and enjoy the traditional Sicilian wines. Having your gadget with you keeps you in-touch with the world news as Wi-Fi is provided for in the environs. As for the history die-hards, get that chance to visit the Greek and Romans structures for your history and insights.


A trip to this corner of Sicily Island provokes a crucial sensation dating back to those days of ancient history in monuments and architecture where our ancestors lived. Looking with an academic perspective and with a modern eye, a tour in Syracuse tells more from the old about the birthplace of prominent mathematicians and engineers. Syracuse, a coastal region with such intense history and renowned by UNESCO as a world of heritage site is most definitely a destination to stop by.


Italy has much to offer the world at large having been on top with such rich culture and history. Sicily Island defines Italy even further attracting thousands of visitors year in year out Making a trip here for your holidays purely qualifies to be termed as time wells spent. Esta Visa is however paramount as it comes with advantages as you travel to member countries, hence significantly important for you to make an application so as to enhance good and quality travel.

The monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa in Greece

Well above the Aegean Sea, on the island of Amorgos, the easternmost Greek islands of the Cyclades, is the spectacular Byzantine monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa. Visible only from the sea as a bright white spot, he clings to the cliff 300 meters above sea level The monastery was built in the 11th century to protect a religious icon of the Virgin Mary of the 9th century marauding pirates. The icon, which is displayed to the public within the monastery, would mysteriously arrive on the shore just below on a boat without crew from Palestine.

The building of the monastery is stuck against the wall of the cliff. It is about 40 meters high and 5 meters wide, and has 8 bunk floors that have a greater width, using the niches in the rock. Its interior resembles a labyrinth between the church rooms (one hundred!) And various auxiliary parts forming a whole which, with ingenuity and ease of use, meets the needs of the monastic brotherhood.

A small stone staircase leads to the low and narrow entrance on the east side of the monastery. There was once a scale retractable wood, which could be raised to prevent the invasion of unwanted visitors in difficult times of pirate attacks. The exterior of the building as it is today is the result of many changes that have occurred over time. The warhead above the door dates back to the 15th century, while the doorway carved stone was installed during the renovation of the monastery in the 17th century.

There are many cells for the monks, a kitchen wall ovens designed with semi-circular arches, and a pantry to store grain and wine. The altar of the monastery with the wooden ceiling and impressive monastic table are interesting to see also.

Old Port of Marseille

Discover the ambiance and history of Marseille Vieux Port through its Emblematic of the city of Marseille, Vieux Port is one of the must see places when you visit Marseille. Located in the heart of the city, this is the perfect location: book your hotel in the Old Port will allow you to walk to all the sights of Marseille, while enjoying a splendid view.

The Old Port is the oldest port of Marseille, dating back to antiquity. Hotspot of maritime trade in the Mediterranean until the 19th century, it was later transformed into a marina, commercial port activities being relocated to the north. The Old Port of Marseille is now one of the largest squares in Europe and is still the subject of an ambitious redevelopment project to make it entirely pedestrian. This amazing place is destined to become a central public space, promoting trade and cultural events organization, true multimodal hub.


Old Port of Marseille

The Old Port is especially valuable for a drink or eat, sitting on sunny terraces that mark. A trip to the fish market, where fishermen challenge walkers to sell the product of their catch of the day, you will certainly desires of bouillabaisse, the local specialty!

The coastline of Marseille is also worth visiting: you can go to the pier from the Old Port to visit the famous creeks by boat, a good solution if your time is limited but you still want to have a complete overview. Do not forget to stroll through the neighborhoods surrounding the Old Port and do not fail to charm reassemble Canebière, take the course Estienne-d’Orves visit the Panier district or discover Goudes or the Estaque. Lively and cosmopolitan city, Marseille is sure to enchant you with its lilting accents, colors and scents!

Vietnam travel guide Weather in Hanoi and The best time to visit Hanoi

Overall, temperatures vary very little throughout the year. They rarely drop below 10 ° C in the dead of winter in January and amounted to 30 ° between June and August. But it was also during this period that rainfall is the most important. The best time to visit Hanoi are mid-season: spring (April-May) and autumn (mid-September to December). Usually at this time, temperatures are pleasant and it does not rain. Be careful though, it can get chilly in November-December, between 10 and 15 degrees. In addition, at the end of the season, from September to November, the North might experience typhoons powerful enough from the sea worst time is around July-August when torrential rains, sometimes very violent fall on the north. It is very difficult or impossible to predict the weather will be like at a certain time in a specific place, average temperature and rainfall can help you and give you a good idea about it.

Hanoi in January

January is a sweet month. Temperatures can vary a lot during the week, but in general, the days are mild and can reach a temperature of 18-19 °. The nights are cool, with temperatures falling to 12-13 °. At this time it rains quite often and in most cases, it is drizzling. When it does not rain, the sky is often cloudy throughout.

Hanoi in February

February is also a mild month. Temperatures increased from 22-23 ° at the beginning of the month at 23-24 ° at the end of February. At this time, the sky is often cloudy throughout. The rain is less frequent. It is possible to have days with clear skies but in general, the days alternating between mist and fog.

Hanoi in March

Mars is a pretty hot month. Temperatures vary much during the week. In general, the days are warm enough and can reach 24-25 °, with maximum temperatures between 17 ° and 35 °. The nights are mild, with temperatures falling to 17-18 °. At this time it rarely rains and if this is the case, it is often drizzle. When it does not rain, the sky is often cloudy throughout.

Hanoi in April

April is a hot month. During the month, temperatures rise significantly, from 27 to 28 ° in the early months 34-35 ° at the end of the month. At this time, the sky is often cloudy throughout. However, there may also have days with rain and fog. In general, the constant presence of a light breeze makes the time more enjoyable.

Hanoi in May

May is a very hot month. During the month, temperatures drop slightly, from 35 to 36 ° in the early months 32-33 ° at the end of the month. At this time, the sky is the half of rain overall (50%), light (40%) or wet (10%). In general, the presence of a slight breeze makes the most pleasant time, but in 20% of cases, there is no wind.

Hanoi in June

June is a hot month. At that time, daytime temperatures are more or less uniform. The days are very hot up to 35-36 °. The nights are warm, with temperatures falling to 26-27 °. The sky is clear in half the cases (55%) sometimes cloudy (30%) and rarely rainy (15%). In general, the presence of a slight breeze makes the most pleasant time, but in 35% of cases, there is no wind.

Hanoi in July

July is a hot month. At that time, daytime temperatures are more or less uniform. The days are very hot and can reach 33-34 °. The nights are warm enough temperatures down to 25-26 °. AThis period, the sky is the half of rain (55%) and rarely rainy (15%). In general, the presence of a slight breeze makes the most pleasant time but in 30% of cases, there is no wind.

Hanoi in August

August is a hot month. At that time, daytime temperatures are more or less uniform. The days are very hot and can reach 33-34 °. The nights are warm enough temperatures down to 24-25 °. At this time, the sky is cloudy in all (40%), light (40%) or wet (20%). In general, the presence of a slight breeze makes the most pleasant time, but in 45% of cases, there is no wind.

Hanoi in September

September is a hot month. Temperatures 31-32 ° spend earlier this month to 32-33 ° at the end of the month. At this time the sky is clear in half the cases, but there is also cloudy days. In general, the presence of a breeze makes the most pleasant time but in 30% of cases, there is no wind.

Hanoi in October

October is a hot month even if temperatures drop a little, as well as the maximum minimum. Temperatures 31-32 ° spend earlier this month to 30-31 ° at the end of the month. At this time, the weather varies a lot, the sky is cloudy as a whole (40%), light (35%) or foggy (25%).

Hanoi in November

November is a pretty hot month when temperatures drop quite sharply throughout the month. They spend 30-31 ° earlier this month at 26-27 ° at the end of the month. At night, temperatures 20-21 ° spend the early months 19-21 ° at the end of the month. At this time, the sky is often cloudy even though some days have clear skies (25%) or slightly rainy (10%). This is the best periode to organise a trekking in the north of Vietnam , visit this site for further informations about this kind of adventure in Vietnam

Hanoi in December

December is a sweet month. Temperatures 23-24 ° spend the early months 20-21 ° at the end of December. The night temperatures 14-15 ° spend the early months 12-13 ° at the end of the month. At this time, the sky is in half of the cases cloudy, clear (30%) or wet (15%). In general, there is a slight breeze, sometimes up to 25-26 km / h.

Vietnam marvels: Halong Bay and Lan Ha bay cruise

Vietnam marvels: Halong Bay and Lan Ha bay cruise Halong Bay takes its name from a legend that the mother dragon and her children fighting the enemies of Vietnamese. Halong means, in effect, “the descent of the dragon.” This maritime territory with an area of ​​1,553 km ² is bounded by the Cat Ba island  in southwest China’s territory to the north, the South China Sea to the east and 120 km of beaches to the west and northwest  including those of Halong City. The same locality results from the meeting of two cities  Bay Chai and Hon Gay, following the entry of Halong Bay World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1994. But long before that, the Vietnamese, including the poet Lê Thanh Tong, already incensed these idyllic places. Halong Bay is dotted with islands, rocks, needles to delusional forms, all made of limestone and surrounded by a sea of ​​jade. This special geological spectacle would collapse from a limestone rock reached the Paleozoic era (280 million years) and would therefore have formed steep reefs. Of the 1,969 islands and islets that make up the bay, 989 were officially called. Cat Ba is the largest island in an eponymous archipelago and more broadly of Halong Bay. Cat Ba is also famous for its natural park, with a particularly well-preserved ecosystem (corals, rainforest, etc.). The best course is to explore the bay from the sea trips and even boat rentals are offered from Halong City and Cat Ba. The exploration of the Lan Ha bay can be in 2 days or 3 days ( check the tour here In Halong bay you can make a cruise ( 1 day to 3 days)  The points of interest are numerous. Some rocks have evocative shapes, such as Rong island (similar to a dancing dragon at sea), the Vong (contained in an old fishing rod) or Trong Mai (pairing hen and rooster).In addition, some islands contain caves that you can visit. The Dau Go (southwest Halong) island features two best known, Hang Dau Go (Cave of Wonders) and Hang Thien Cung Cave (the Palace of the sky). Titov Island allows for its various activities: climbing to Mount of Titov, visit Hang Sung Sot (Cave of surprises) and swimming. Whatever areas of Halong Bay explored landscapes are said to be worthy of a magical setting. Note: + Although the temptation is great, it is strictly forbidden to collect corals. + Vietnam travel tips : You can get cheap visa for Vietnam on arrival here , remember that it’s only for traveller arriving to Vietnam by airplane –

Best Hotel Hideouts In Turkey

Now that the summer is here, travelling to Turkey will be exciting as it always is; this has nothing to do with your budget. If you want to enjoy Turkey and stay comfortable, then there is a place for you. Turkey has is a place for everybody, there are several hotels that you would love to visit, not just for you, but if you are travelling to Turkey with friends or family.

Here are the best hotel hideouts in Turkey.

Rixon Lares Hotel

This is one of the fantastic hotels found in Turkey, just 8 Kilometers away from Antalya airport. Rixon proudly provide every hotel services you would wish for, this includes large pools, and the rooms are expensively and fully furnished just for your comfort. Rixon Lares Hotel is strategically situated on Lara sandy beach, there are many activities you can engage yourself during the day, and at night.The hotel offers beach parties any time, if you wish to travel with the kids, then they will be in a lovely place where they can also enjoy kid’s entertainments.


Susesi Extravagance Resort

Susesi resort is one of the prominent luxury hotels, a very proximity to Belek beach, the hotel is a paradise in itself. Talk about nine first restaurants, pools and sauna, a bistro, a swim up bar, spar and the list is endless. The hotel has an outside pool on the shore where you can enjoy the pool water, then the seawater. The hotel most customers are the youngster, meaning people who can afford the perfect luxury, it has a 24 hours remote high velocity internet. You can also get yourself to the nightclub and enjoy grill flame broils.

The Istanbul Edition

From now on, any time you are in Istanbul, The Istanbul edition should be you first hideout hotel. This is an urban hotel just at the heart of the vibrant city, You can book one of the 78 guest rooms, with your partner, then the penthouse is yours for taking, the hotel gives you a chance to enjoy the three-storey spa, lobby bar, Cipriani restaurant with delicious menu. There is also a business center within, if you want to enjoy time while working in Turkey, at night you do not have to book a taxi. The Istanbul has its own nightclub in the building.

Pallazo Donizzetti Hotel

The name sounds familiar right. Yes, because the hotel was named after the famous musician Giuseppe Donizzetti. In addition, the hotel offers more than just a famous name, the hotel is going to provide you with first class luxury and comfort you always wanted. The hotel is designed with Italian Mable, stained glass lightings, antique coloring and high ceilings. There will be a first time experience in a 106 years old antique elevator to your guest room. The hotel offers much than comfort with great room services, breakfast and lunch, this a perfect place to dine with friends because of the cool ambience and polite environment.

Hillside Beach Club

Hillside beach club is one of the most popular and booked hotels in Turkey, you do not want to be among the first people to occupy the classy guest rooms. Not only that, but the hotel has sports facilities to keep you fit and in shape, other activities that you will enjoy includes the scuba diving and wakeboard. You can also try some tennis lesson anytime during the day. On lazy day you can relax in your guest room with the perfect view of the sea at your doorstep, pine forest on your side. The hotel offers full board dining in all the restaurants and infinite bars.

To be part of this perfect hotel experience, check the turkish visa information and guideline on how you can apply for you Visa online.

Tips for renting a car on Tenerife in Spain

Many people will in the next few weeks rent a car on Tenerife. However, there are many things you should check before you sign the rental agreement. Otherwise, the car hire might become an expensive pleasure. It is nice to be able to get around while on vacation. That is why so many people choose to rent a car while on holiday on Tenerife.


Unfortunately, there is no common agreement on how a lease should look like, and it’s easy to get in trouble, if you do not read the contract carefully.

”Unfortunately we get quite a few inquiries from motorists who have had major claims after hiring a car abroad. In most cases there is not much to do about it, since the car hire company is assured by the signature, which the car leaser has put on the contract” says legal counsellor Thomas Brown.

Most of the claims are about the deductible, while others deal with past damage to the car, which the car rental company now requires that the leaser pays for. There is also a preponderance of requests regarding problems with small, local Tenerife car rental companies.

”We generally advise people to rent the car through one of the well-known and well-established car rental companies on Tenerife. At the same time, we also recommend that if at all possible, to use a company that also has an office in your home country. This will make ease the proceedings if there for instance is an injury. It is also important to read all the terms of the contract very closely”, says Thomas Brown.

Check the insurance

It is particularly the vehicle liability insurance that must be taken into account since the driver may face huge compensation claims if the insured is not big enough. In the case of the loss damage waiver insurance, you must examine whether there are injuries which are not covered. For example, it is important that the insurance covers stone and glass injuries if you plan to drive much on gravel roads.

It is also a good idea to examine whether there is a deductible and if so, how big it is and whether it varies depending on the type of injury. In many cases it is possible to sign a special deductible insurance to avoid having to pay full deductible if you damage the car.

Before starting the car, you should check whether there is damage to the car, and lights and other equipment is working. If there are damages or defects these must be noted on the report that should follow the car rental.

Tips for Tenerife car hire

Before you rent car

  • Rent the car from home and use any one of the established rental companies – preferably one with offices in your home country.
  • Examine your options for getting a discount. Several organizations and companies including NMA and BMA has signed discount agreements with selected car rental companies.
  • Check if all insurances (liability, loss damage waiver and theft) are included in the price. If you are not sure whether the insurance situation is OK, then do not rent the car.
  • Consider your needs in relation to the car’s size and equipment. Large cars will cost more, and additional accessories such as air conditioning can easily raise the rent.
  • Examine the possibility of getting free miles included the price (abbr. UNL). Then you know in advance how much you should pay.
  • Investigate how old you must be to rent the car, and whether there are different deductible levels for different age groups. The age to rent a car are many times at least 25 years, max. 70.
  • Examine whether it is a requirement with a international license. In some countries you must also have had a license for a minimum of 1-2 years of age to rent a car.
  • Examine whether it is required with more than one credit card when renting large or expensive cars.
  • If you get more than one person on the lease, then check what it means in relation to price and insurance (abbr. AAO).
  • Pay attention to what deductible insurance covers – and if it pays off. Deductibles can sometimes be as high as $4,000, so here it may be sensible to sign an insurance against the high deductible.

Before you sign the car rental contract

  • Review the contract carefully – even the small print – before you sign, and be sure to get a copy of the contract.
  • If you have booked your car from home, remember to check that it is consistent with the agreed.
  • In connection with the reading of the contract you must pay particular attention to the following:
    • Liability Insurance Supplement (abbreviated LIS) – is the cover big enough?
    • Loss Damage Waiver (abbr. LDW) – there are injuries that are not covered eg. stone injuries?
    • Deductible – how big is it?
    • Deductible coverage – (Collision Damage Insurance and Collision Damage Waiver (abbreviated CDI / CDW). These types of insurance are also available as supermarkets such as Super CDI) – what does it cost?
    • Check if your car is in order. Walk one round around the car when you check for dents, scratches and other injuries and also check out the car lights.
    • Compare when possible damages to the report, which goes with the car. If you find errors or damage make sure they are added to the report/ lease. It is not enough to make a verbal agreement.
  • Check that the tank is completely filled.
  • Check that the car belongs to the class that you have paid for.
  • Be careful not to put a signed ‘blank’ credit note in the shop. You risk being credited twice for the rental.

While using the car

Always keep the hire papers on you – also when you leave the car.
Examine and make yourself acquainted with the local traffic rules.
In case of an accident call the Tenerife car rental and explain what happened. This might save time when the car should be returned because the car rental is prepared for that car is damaged.

Author: Pham Quynh is a freelance writer for travel website and own the trekking vietnam site where you can find many infos about Vietnam and trekking holiday


Edinburgh, the old and modern Scottish City in Scotland, United Kingdom.

If you want to see some Scottish culture but do not know from which city to start with, Edinburgh should be a handy place. In Edinburgh, you would be able to see the old town, where the old castle of Edinburgh (See here fore more details) is located, while the modern new town and art culture is just across the street.

This Scottish capital city offers and unique package for you to understand local Scottish culture. Both old and new towns of Edinburgh is listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1995.

One of the easiest way to get through Old Town is to start with Royal Mile. Royal Mile is a lane full of historical landmarks, as well as souvenir shops nowadays. It is a landmark in the Old Town that you would not miss when you are in Edinburgh. Along the Royal Mile, you will see:

1. Abbey and Palace of Holyroodhouse

This is a royal residence where Mary Queen of Scots lived and a collection of art from the Royal family is hosted. The palace is opened to the public for tours.

2. St Giles’ Cathedral/ High Kirk of Edinburgh

Located between the Place of Holyroodhouse and Edinburgh Castle is St Giles’ Cathedral. Also known as High Kirk of Edinburgh, this city church was existed on the same site before the 9th century. The Chapel of the Order of the Thistle is located there.

High Kirk of Edinburgh- Edinburgh – Scotland

3. The Scottish Parliament

The parliament is located opposite of the Palace of Holyroodhouse. The Spanish Catalan-style building aroused controversy among Scots due to the postmodern architecture. The Parliament is opened to public for free on non-business days.

4. Mary King’s Close

Located opposite to St Giles’ Cathedral, Mary King’s close shows you the history of Edinburgh in the medieval days. It is preserved since being closed in the 18th century.

Above are only the highlights in the Royal Mile, Old Town of Edinburgh, for sure you would enjoy the ancient Scottish atmosphere there. For information of the rest of Old Town and New Town of Edinburgh, please check here.

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Oxford University

Oxford, Not Only a University City, but a City of Culture

Oxford has been and is well-known as the home of one of the most renowned universities worldwide. This southeastern English city is not only a place for people to strive for their knowledge, but also for people who are keen to trace cultural and historical roots. Below are some highlights from the city:

Radcliffe Camera

Oxford is known as the “city of dreaming spires”, many buildings in Oxford are very representative in terms of architecture. One of those is the Radcliffe Camera. This mid-18th century building is the earliest example in England of a circular library. It is built in three main stages externally and two stories internally.

Ashmolean Museum

The Ashmolean is a University Museum and a Department of the University. It is the oldest museum in UK as well as the oldest university museum in the world, which was founded in 1683. The museum has undergone a major redevelopment and is reopened 2009. Its collection includes works by Michelangelo, Leonardo de Vinci, Turner and Picasso.

Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History is also part of the Oxford University. The museum owns the University’s anatomical and natural history collections of specimens. Among those collections are the skeletons of a Tyrannosaurus rex and triceratops, as well as the most complete remains of a dodo found on earth.
Oxford, Not Only a University City, but a City of Culture

Pitt Rivers Museum

The Pitt Rivers Museum, founded in 1884, owns over 500,000 items of Oxford University’s archaeological and anthropological collections. The museum also has leading role in contemporary research and museum curatorship.

The Museum of the History of Science

This museum of Oxford University is the oldest building built for hosting a museum. The 15,000 displaying items are ranging from antiquity to modern 20th century collections, representing all aspects of the science history.

For the Cultural you…

Do not miss the Blackwell Bookshop in Oxford. It is the largest single room bookshop in the whole Europe. It makes you feel like you are inside the University’s library, minus the price tags.
Oxford, Not Only a University City, but a City of Culture

Practical info: Address: 27 Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3BS

Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri 9:00 to 18:30, Tue 9:30 to 18:30, Sat 9:00 to 18:30 & Sun 11:00 to 17:00

Getting to Oxford

Oxford is about 90 km (around 50 minutes drive) northwest of London. Coach Service is available from London airports, while direct trains from London to Oxford are also available.

Simply Inspirational City of Canterbury, England

Canterbury, England is an important historic town located in Southwest England in the district of Kent. Canterbury is about 53 miles from London, population is about 44,000. You probably know this town for its Cathedral, but what are other attraction here? We can say: lots!

To get there

Canterbury has 2 train stations: East and West. East Station hosts trains which came from London Victoria, while Canterbury West from Victoria, Charing Cross, and Waterloo stations. Visitor can rent bicycle at the Canterbury West. The bus station is situated at High Street close by the city walls. There are also regular buses to Dover and London, as well as Broadstairs, Margate, Whitstable, and Ramsgate. Parking spaces are located inside the city walls; there are also Ride and park sites outside skirt of Canterbury.

What to See

There are lots to see within the city walls of Canterbury. The wall are from Roman era and in the 14th century was rebuilt. The city was once an important hub on the trade routes to the England Capital. The Roman Museum is located on Butchery Lane. This museum is at the level of the ancient Roman town, which is underground. It displays a mix of reconstructions and excavated real objects, there are also the preserved remains of an ancient Roman town house complete with mosaics.
RomanMuseum Simply Inspirational City of Canterbury, England

Roman Museum

Canterbury Cathedral which famous as it was the site of Thomas Becket’s murder in 1170, is listed World Heritage by UNESCO. This status also gained by St. Martin’s Church and St. Augustine’s Abbey. The Cathedral is one of the most visited place in Great Britain and became a place of Pilgrimage. Another point of interest is Norman castle, established in the 1080s, and served as a jail on 13th century.

What left from St. Augustine’s Abbey currently is a ruined monastery which was originally founded in 598 AD by Augustine, a Roman abbot. He was sent by the Pope to convert Anglo-Saxons. These historic place is only a 5 minute walk from town center to east – you can then go to St. Martin’s Church as it is nearby.
192 8 Canterbury Museum Christchurch 300×200 Simply Inspirational City of Canterbury, England

The Museum of Canterbury

The Museum of Canterbury has been moved to inside the Poor Priest’s Hospital, a building which was established at 14th century. The Museum exhibits the history of Canterbury, from time before the Romans to Medieval era.

When you visit St, Margaret’s Church there will be an exhibition which was based on the Canterbury Tales. This visit typically last between 40 minutes until 1 hour.

Canterbury Weather

A pleasant time to visit Canterbury is at summer, but be sure to bring a raincoat with you as rain falls throughout the calendar. The average temperature for the middle of the year is about 20 degrees C or 68 degrees F.

Experience history and heritage, enjoy world famous buildings and stunning architecture at Canterbury, England.

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