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Best Hotel Hideouts In Turkey

Now that the summer is here, travelling to Turkey will be exciting as it always is; this has nothing to do with your budget. If you want to enjoy Turkey and stay comfortable, then there is a place for you. Turkey has is a place for everybody, there are several hotels that you would love to visit, not just for you, but if you are travelling to Turkey with friends or family.

Here are the best hotel hideouts in Turkey.

Rixon Lares Hotel

This is one of the fantastic hotels found in Turkey, just 8 Kilometers away from Antalya airport. Rixon proudly provide every hotel services you would wish for, this includes large pools, and the rooms are expensively and fully furnished just for your comfort. Rixon Lares Hotel is strategically situated on Lara sandy beach, there are many activities you can engage yourself during the day, and at night.The hotel offers beach parties any time, if you wish to travel with the kids, then they will be in a lovely place where they can also enjoy kid’s entertainments.


Susesi Extravagance Resort

Susesi resort is one of the prominent luxury hotels, a very proximity to Belek beach, the hotel is a paradise in itself. Talk about nine first restaurants, pools and sauna, a bistro, a swim up bar, spar and the list is endless. The hotel has an outside pool on the shore where you can enjoy the pool water, then the seawater. The hotel most customers are the youngster, meaning people who can afford the perfect luxury, it has a 24 hours remote high velocity internet. You can also get yourself to the nightclub and enjoy grill flame broils.

The Istanbul Edition

From now on, any time you are in Istanbul, The Istanbul edition should be you first hideout hotel. This is an urban hotel just at the heart of the vibrant city, You can book one of the 78 guest rooms, with your partner, then the penthouse is yours for taking, the hotel gives you a chance to enjoy the three-storey spa, lobby bar, Cipriani restaurant with delicious menu. There is also a business center within, if you want to enjoy time while working in Turkey, at night you do not have to book a taxi. The Istanbul has its own nightclub in the building.

Pallazo Donizzetti Hotel

The name sounds familiar right. Yes, because the hotel was named after the famous musician Giuseppe Donizzetti. In addition, the hotel offers more than just a famous name, the hotel is going to provide you with first class luxury and comfort you always wanted. The hotel is designed with Italian Mable, stained glass lightings, antique coloring and high ceilings. There will be a first time experience in a 106 years old antique elevator to your guest room. The hotel offers much than comfort with great room services, breakfast and lunch, this a perfect place to dine with friends because of the cool ambience and polite environment.

Hillside Beach Club

Hillside beach club is one of the most popular and booked hotels in Turkey, you do not want to be among the first people to occupy the classy guest rooms. Not only that, but the hotel has sports facilities to keep you fit and in shape, other activities that you will enjoy includes the scuba diving and wakeboard. You can also try some tennis lesson anytime during the day. On lazy day you can relax in your guest room with the perfect view of the sea at your doorstep, pine forest on your side. The hotel offers full board dining in all the restaurants and infinite bars.

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