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La Befana day and the Epiphany in Italy

The Befana Song

The Befana comes by night

With her shoes all tattered and torn

She comes dressed in the Roman way

Long live the Befana!

Do you remember when “talking” about Levico Christmas market, I mentioned La Befana Day. I liked the name very much – it sounds intriguing and it kept rolling in my head so I asked Aka to look for it and found out more.

Well, it turns out that La Befana is actually a nice old witch that plays the same role as St. Lucia or St. Nicholas, meaning that on the night of 5 December she comes flying on her broom (no donkey this time) and puts sweets and toys in the stockings of good children and lumps of coal in those of bad children.Even the very well known Italian singer Gianni Morandi dedicated a song to La Befana.

We must buy a witch toy from there and scare my cat friends with it!

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