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Tips for renting a car on Tenerife in Spain

Many people will in the next few weeks rent a car on Tenerife. However, there are many things you should check before you sign the rental agreement. Otherwise, the car hire might become an expensive pleasure. It is nice to be able to get around while on vacation. That is why so many people choose to rent a car while on holiday on Tenerife.


Unfortunately, there is no common agreement on how a lease should look like, and it’s easy to get in trouble, if you do not read the contract carefully.

”Unfortunately we get quite a few inquiries from motorists who have had major claims after hiring a car abroad. In most cases there is not much to do about it, since the car hire company is assured by the signature, which the car leaser has put on the contract” says legal counsellor Thomas Brown.

Most of the claims are about the deductible, while others deal with past damage to the car, which the car rental company now requires that the leaser pays for. There is also a preponderance of requests regarding problems with small, local Tenerife car rental companies.

”We generally advise people to rent the car through one of the well-known and well-established car rental companies on Tenerife. At the same time, we also recommend that if at all possible, to use a company that also has an office in your home country. This will make ease the proceedings if there for instance is an injury. It is also important to read all the terms of the contract very closely”, says Thomas Brown.

Check the insurance

It is particularly the vehicle liability insurance that must be taken into account since the driver may face huge compensation claims if the insured is not big enough. In the case of the loss damage waiver insurance, you must examine whether there are injuries which are not covered. For example, it is important that the insurance covers stone and glass injuries if you plan to drive much on gravel roads.

It is also a good idea to examine whether there is a deductible and if so, how big it is and whether it varies depending on the type of injury. In many cases it is possible to sign a special deductible insurance to avoid having to pay full deductible if you damage the car.

Before starting the car, you should check whether there is damage to the car, and lights and other equipment is working. If there are damages or defects these must be noted on the report that should follow the car rental.

Tips for Tenerife car hire

Before you rent car

  • Rent the car from home and use any one of the established rental companies – preferably one with offices in your home country.
  • Examine your options for getting a discount. Several organizations and companies including NMA and BMA has signed discount agreements with selected car rental companies.
  • Check if all insurances (liability, loss damage waiver and theft) are included in the price. If you are not sure whether the insurance situation is OK, then do not rent the car.
  • Consider your needs in relation to the car’s size and equipment. Large cars will cost more, and additional accessories such as air conditioning can easily raise the rent.
  • Examine the possibility of getting free miles included the price (abbr. UNL). Then you know in advance how much you should pay.
  • Investigate how old you must be to rent the car, and whether there are different deductible levels for different age groups. The age to rent a car are many times at least 25 years, max. 70.
  • Examine whether it is a requirement with a international license. In some countries you must also have had a license for a minimum of 1-2 years of age to rent a car.
  • Examine whether it is required with more than one credit card when renting large or expensive cars.
  • If you get more than one person on the lease, then check what it means in relation to price and insurance (abbr. AAO).
  • Pay attention to what deductible insurance covers – and if it pays off. Deductibles can sometimes be as high as $4,000, so here it may be sensible to sign an insurance against the high deductible.

Before you sign the car rental contract

  • Review the contract carefully – even the small print – before you sign, and be sure to get a copy of the contract.
  • If you have booked your car from home, remember to check that it is consistent with the agreed.
  • In connection with the reading of the contract you must pay particular attention to the following:
    • Liability Insurance Supplement (abbreviated LIS) – is the cover big enough?
    • Loss Damage Waiver (abbr. LDW) – there are injuries that are not covered eg. stone injuries?
    • Deductible – how big is it?
    • Deductible coverage – (Collision Damage Insurance and Collision Damage Waiver (abbreviated CDI / CDW). These types of insurance are also available as supermarkets such as Super CDI) – what does it cost?
    • Check if your car is in order. Walk one round around the car when you check for dents, scratches and other injuries and also check out the car lights.
    • Compare when possible damages to the report, which goes with the car. If you find errors or damage make sure they are added to the report/ lease. It is not enough to make a verbal agreement.
  • Check that the tank is completely filled.
  • Check that the car belongs to the class that you have paid for.
  • Be careful not to put a signed ‘blank’ credit note in the shop. You risk being credited twice for the rental.

While using the car

Always keep the hire papers on you – also when you leave the car.
Examine and make yourself acquainted with the local traffic rules.
In case of an accident call the Tenerife car rental and explain what happened. This might save time when the car should be returned because the car rental is prepared for that car is damaged.

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