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Vietnam marvels: Halong Bay and Lan Ha bay cruise

Vietnam marvels: Halong Bay and Lan Ha bay cruise Halong Bay takes its name from a legend that the mother dragon and her children fighting the enemies of Vietnamese. Halong means, in effect, “the descent of the dragon.” This maritime territory with an area of ​​1,553 km ² is bounded by the Cat Ba island  in southwest China’s territory to the north, the South China Sea to the east and 120 km of beaches to the west and northwest  including those of Halong City. The same locality results from the meeting of two cities  Bay Chai and Hon Gay, following the entry of Halong Bay World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1994. But long before that, the Vietnamese, including the poet Lê Thanh Tong, already incensed these idyllic places. Halong Bay is dotted with islands, rocks, needles to delusional forms, all made of limestone and surrounded by a sea of ​​jade. This special geological spectacle would collapse from a limestone rock reached the Paleozoic era (280 million years) and would therefore have formed steep reefs. Of the 1,969 islands and islets that make up the bay, 989 were officially called. Cat Ba is the largest island in an eponymous archipelago and more broadly of Halong Bay. Cat Ba is also famous for its natural park, with a particularly well-preserved ecosystem (corals, rainforest, etc.). The best course is to explore the bay from the sea trips and even boat rentals are offered from Halong City and Cat Ba. The exploration of the Lan Ha bay can be in 2 days or 3 days ( check the tour here In Halong bay you can make a cruise ( 1 day to 3 days)  The points of interest are numerous. Some rocks have evocative shapes, such as Rong island (similar to a dancing dragon at sea), the Vong (contained in an old fishing rod) or Trong Mai (pairing hen and rooster).In addition, some islands contain caves that you can visit. The Dau Go (southwest Halong) island features two best known, Hang Dau Go (Cave of Wonders) and Hang Thien Cung Cave (the Palace of the sky). Titov Island allows for its various activities: climbing to Mount of Titov, visit Hang Sung Sot (Cave of surprises) and swimming. Whatever areas of Halong Bay explored landscapes are said to be worthy of a magical setting. Note: + Although the temptation is great, it is strictly forbidden to collect corals. + Vietnam travel tips : You can get cheap visa for Vietnam on arrival here , remember that it’s only for traveller arriving to Vietnam by airplane –

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